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At Langaroo, we aim to empower young learners and teenagers as they embark on their English learning journey. Our goal is not just to teach English but to assist students in cultivating global proficiencies and modern 21st century skills essential for their future education and careers. Instilling a lifelong thirst for learning is central to our teaching ethos.

We don't just teach English; we bring the world to the classroom and classroom to life.

Having accumulated over twenty years of expertise in delivering quality English lessons, we possess the knowledge to cultivate critical and analytical thinking through inventive and captivating content. Consequently, our goal is to equip students for life beyond the classroom. In collaboration with National Geographic Learning, our programs center around intriguing and thought-stimulating themes.

Why Online education?

Educational videos and impactful National Geographic Learning imagery enrich our curricula, providing added dimensions to the learning journey. Furthermore, our cross-curricular content spans through multiple subjects, offering students the chance to acquire skills in diverse settings and subject areas, all while learning English. The learning experience is enhanced by tasks that broaden understanding of the world and its array of cultures, traditions, populations, and locations.

What makes a good English teacher?

It is not enough to have a native speaker teach your child English. To help them reach their full potential, a teacher should be certified and have experience teaching kids. We also believe that a caring teacher inspires kids to learn and builds their confidence. Our teachers are all highly trained professionals who know how to encourage kids to learn, assess their progress without tests and personalize lessons to best suit your child’s individual learning style.