7 to 12 years old

English for Kids

Get individual online lessons with qualified teachers.

Study materials from National Geographic Learning, a member of Cengage

Now is the best age for them to learn English

Give them a head start in the world's biggest language!

When kids are young, they're far more likely to grasp a new language. This means they'll soon be fluent speakers through our courses. Especially in live online lessons that focus on fun learning!

  • Level Beginner to Advanced
  • Commitment 15 - 30 classes
  • Weekly classes 1 - 2
  • Location Online
How our course is structured

English lessons that speak directly to your child

Classes that teach your child in a way school systems don't.

Individual attention

Does your child feel lost in the classroom crowd? With our teachers, they'll experience a profound, carefully honed learning environment. Our teachers will get to know them well and tailor classes to improve their skills.

Fun, interactive lessons

Our teaching methods include engaging and enthralling lessons. These involve games, songs, videos, and animations. We make classes immersive to hold your child's interest.

National Geographic Learning Content

Our partnership with National Geographic Learning brings the world to your child. Unique content helps them cultivate a love for English. This is done by exploring the planet's cultures, creatures, and environments.

What will they learn?

Our course offers them a world of English

We use entertainment to engage them in English

Children can absorb new vocabulary and grammar easily if their minds are readily engaged. So, our classes revolve around activities and subject matter that children find interesting. Our teachers use fun interactions to keep young minds involved, including exciting games, videos, songs, and animations. This keeps them keen on learning and excited for the next lesson!

National Geographic Learning brings English to them through the world

Our lessons are powered by National Geographic Learning – making them more than just English classes. They'll journey from their living room to the jungles, deserts, and deepest parts of the planet's oceans. This content brings lessons to life for your child and creates international awareness. This gives children an understanding of global conversations on sustainability for the future and an appreciation for nature and their culture.

We use immersive learning so they're ready for the future

English is the global language of commerce and communication. So, we prepare your child through lessons that immerse them in this language. Allowing them to naturally absorb it and fast-track them to become fluent speakers. Our classes require active involvement; your child will be constantly challenged according to their needs. This gives them the confidence to face the world of tomorrow.

Our teaching technique allows them to ascend to new heights

Lessons use efficient techniques for teaching children new languages. Our teachers encourage your child to embrace English on their own terms. Through developing a love for it, they will be drawn to exploring their own culture in English. This will see your child seek to improve their English independently — which will further improve their studies.

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    Certified. Motivated. Dedicated.
    Certified. Motivated. Dedicated.

    Only the best teachers
    for your child

    Our teachers will open your child's eyes to the world of English. Certified, native-speaking educators will guide your child's mind to a new language and the world around them. Our instructors use fun activities and meaningful content to keep young minds engaged and encourage them to learn. Our teachers care about developing the student-teacher relationship that encourages subject engagement. This is essential to build your child's confidence in their growing English-speaking abilities.

    Caring for your children online

    Positive screen time

    Your child will make the most out of technology to explore the world of English. We harness the latest developments to take your child on a language adventure.

    Network Safety

    We comply with COPPA (the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.) As a parent, you can manage the settings of your child's learning environment, deciding what they see and share while studying.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How does private English Lessons work?
    Our one-on-one lessons take place online, allowing your child to interact with their teacher in real-time. Your child will login to our platform once a week to attend a class of 30 – 45 minutes depending on their age level. They will be able to see their teacher, ask questions and even practice writing. There are no tests, but the teacher will assess your child’s abilities using games and conversations. Your child can also do self-paced assessments to work on their new language skills. The teacher will be in contact with you to offer reports on your child’s progress.
    How long does it to take to complete the course?
    We offer up to seven levels of English language progression. The first level consists of 15 lessons (for young kids who have no understanding of English). The remaining six levels consists of 30 lessons in total.
    Are online lessons as effective as in-person classes?
    Our teachers are recruited based on two key factors: their ability to teach children from specific age groups and teaching a foreign language online. Entrusting your child’s English education with an online teacher means that you’re not only limited to the teaching abilities or language skills of someone in your neighborhood or town. Your child will get access to a world-class English teacher that is specifically trained to do so from the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, the online classroom is a dedicated learning environment your child will associate with studying English. As children are increasingly exposed to online socialization, many kids (especially in a post-COVID-19 world) are confident and encouraged to learn in an online setting where they get dedicated attention from a teacher.
    Who is Langaroo for?
    All children between the ages of 7 – 17. It depends on your child’s English knowledge and age. Your child’s level of understanding will be assessed, and they will be assigned to the relevant level. To speak with one of our advisers, click here.

    English for Kids

    Give them a head start in the world's biggest language!

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