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Live online lessons with certified teachers, for children aged 5-14. English is easier, when they start learning early!

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What is Langaroo?

When it comes to teaching children online, we are experts; we have more than 20 years of experience and over 100,000 graduates worldwide. Langaroo offers children aged 5 to 14 private online lessons with certified English teachers. Our proven method uses stories as a window into learning English, offering kids an engaging way of acquiring a new language.

Shape your child's future
Online English lessons in real-time

How it works

Our one-on-one lessons take place online, allowing your child to interact with their teacher in real-time. They will be able to see their teacher, ask questions and even practice writing. Our innovative technology allows us to bring experienced, native-speaking teachers to you, so your child can build a strong foundation of English, in a caring and comfortable environment.

Learning through the Power of Stories

Children easily absorb new concepts, which is why it is best to acquire a new language at a young age. Teaching through stories is the most effective way of introducing English to children. A good story engages children’s imagination, helping them learn new vocabulary and understand the language constructs in a natural, fun way.

Our courses are specifically designed to suit children’s learning needs

Professional Assessment

Throughout the course, the teacher will use creative tools to assess your child’s understanding and progress.

Personalized Instruction

Our one-on-one lessons allow the teacher to tailor their style of teaching and course materials to your child’s strengths.

Engaging Activities

Each lesson is made up of stories, songs and games, to capture your child’s imagination and encourage their participation.

Which course best suits your child’s level of English?

Level 1

First Steps

Ages 5-9
For children with little to no understanding or conversational skills in English
This course introduces your child to Basic English. They will begin learning the letters and sounds of the alphabet, increase their vocabulary and learn to express their feelings in English.
Level 2

Next Step

Ages 6-10
For children who can respond to simple questions with single word answers
In this course your child will learn to communicate at the sentence level, answering simple questions about everyday life and writing simple words.
Level 3

Step Ahead

Ages 7-14
For children who understand simple conversation and can speak in short sentences.
In this course, your child will further enhance their vocabulary, be able to have short conversations, read short stories and learn to write short sentences.
The A Team

Native speakers are a given, professional teachers - a must!

This means that all our teachers are certified, native speakers, who are experts in teaching English for children. With their experience, they are able to use engaging activities to encourage your child to participate in the lesson and enjoy learning. Our teachers adapt their teaching style to each individual child; their strengths and weaknesses, giving even the shiest child confidence to speak in English.

Caring for your children online

Positive screen time

Children today are surrounded by technology and screens. With our online lessons, we use the most innovative technology to turn screen time into a positive educational experience.

Network Safety

We comply with COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). As a parent you can manage the settings of your child’s learning environment, deciding what they can see and share while studying.