Course Summary:

This course is for children who understand simple conversation and can speak in short sentences.

In this course, all the grammar and vocabulary your child has accumulated will come together as they put their English skills to use. They’ll have conversations with their teacher using the words they’ve learned and start to read short stories and answer questions about them. This class will also teach your child to read words with more advanced letter combinations.
By the end of this course, your child will feel confident to hold open conversations in English, read short stories and answer questions that express their understanding of the context and message.


Children love stories. A good story engages children’s imagination, helping them learn new vocabulary and understand the language constructs in a natural, fun way. That’s why each of our courses is built around a series of eight stories - four classes to a story.
4 Lessons

Unit 1- Anne in the Mirror

Your child will start their third English adventure with the story "Anne in the Mirror", a story that will help them talk to their teacher about their morning routine, their clothes, and the days of the week. Your child will also continue learning about specific sounds in English, like words that have the ‘sh’ sound (like “shirt”) and words that begin with ‘gr’, ‘cr’, ‘br’, ‘fr’ and ‘dr.’

4 Lessons

Unit 2- Who Am I?

What is your child’s favorite animal? By the end of this unit, your child should be able to describe their favorite animal in English. Unit 2 is all about animals, body parts, and action words. The new vocabulary is taught through the story "Who Am I?" and practiced with the teacher through games, songs and other activities. Your child will also use their new skills to start reading short stories and answering questions about them.

4 Lessons

Unit 3- The Selfish Giant

In our third unit, your child will learn more words about playing with friends, things in your house, and the weather through the story "The Selfish Giant". They’ll also learn words with the “th” sound (like “mother”) and words with the hard and soft c sound (like “cloud” and “circle.”)

4 Lessons

Unit 4 - Mr. Red and Mr. Green

By this point in their studies, your child knows a lot of words, so now they’ll use them in conversations with their teacher. Through the story "Mr. Red and Mr. Green" your child will learn advanced words about getting to school, directions, road safety and days of the week. They’ll also begin to learn about the three “y” sounds, and English’s "magic e", which makes some letters, like “a,” sound different.

4 Lessons

Unit 5- Fun in the Neighborhood

In this unit, your child will talk to their teacher about themselves and their favorite things to do. They’ll learn new words about feelings, actions, and places through the story "Fun in the Neighborhood". They’ll continue learning new words with the "magic e" and learn to read words with the long “i” and long “o” sounds, like “kite” and “rose”. Your child will also learn to read words with the "ar" and the "oo" sounds (like “star” and “balloon”).

4 Lessons

Unit 6- Alex Around the World

This unit’s story, "Alex Around the World", will teach your child about three different countries — they will learn about food, places, and animals through conversations with their teacher, songs, and games. They’ll also learn to read words with the long “u” sound, (for example, “flute” and “cube”) and the letter combinations of “oa” and “ea”.

4 Lessons

Unit 7- Jack and the Beanstalk

The famous English fairy tale "Jack and the Beanstalk" is at the heart of unit 7. Your child will learn about opposites, food, animals, and types of people through Jack’s adventures. They’ll also learn different ways of making the long “a” sound, as well as the “oh” and “ow” sounds.

4 Lessons

Unit 8- Little Red and Friends

Our final unit wraps up your child’s English journey. Using the story "Little Red and Friends", they will review the words and grammar they’ve learned during this course. Your child will be able to have discussions, read different vowel sounds, and complete sentences using a word bank. In addition, they’ll be able to read short stories and answer questions about them.

The A Team

The best way to learn an authentic accent is by talking to a native speaker. Our teachers grew up speaking English, so your child will hear how real English speakers talk — and try it out for themselves.

Network Safety

At Langaroo we comply with COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). As a parent you can manage the settings of your child’s learning environment, deciding what they can see and share while studying.