This course is for children who can respond to simple questions with single word answers.

In this course, your child will learn more advanced English vocabulary and grammar. Through eight fun stories, they’ll explore words that will help them talk about themselves, their schools, their favorite things, the outdoors, and their daily routines. This course will also teach them how to start reading words with specific sounds and suffixes and will introduce them to the basics of conversation.
By the end of this course, your child will be able to communicate at the sentence level, ask and answer simple questions about everyday situations, and write some simple words.


Children love stories. A good story engages children’s imagination, helping them learn new vocabulary and understand the language constructs in a natural, fun way. That’s why each of our courses is built around a series of eight stories - four classes to a story.
4 Lessons

Unit 1- Where is Harry

Your child will take their next steps in English by learning vocabulary related to animals, body parts and adjectives, through the story "Where is Harry". They will review the sounds and names of the letters F, H, B, A, T, C, E, and S.

4 Lessons

Unit 2- Little Red Riding Hood

The classic story "Little Red Riding Hood" is at the center of this unit, and will teach your child words related to senses, food, places, and professions. Your child will also review names and sounds of letters and will start to learn phonemic awareness (the way letters sound). For example, they will learn to read words with the short “a” sound, like cat, mat, and man.

4 Lessons

Unit 3- The Little Red Hen

This unit teaches your child words related to farm animals, people, places, and food through the story "The Little Red Hen", a story about the value of hard work. They will review the animals, prepositions and colors they learned in earlier lessons and start learning how to read in English. Your child will also learn to read words with the short “e” sound, like red and hen.

4 Lessons

Unit 4 - The Sandwich Party

In this unit, your child will use words they learned in earlier lessons to describe the weather, what they look like, and their favorite foods. They’re also introduced to the days of the week and learn new vocabulary about food, through the story "The Sandwich Party", which brings back characters from previous stories. Your child will learn to read words with the short “i” sound, like fig, zip, and pit.

4 Lessons

Unit 5- The Purple Fish

In the new story "The Purple Fish" your child will review some of the verbs they already learned and learn new words related to the beach. They will practice conversations; talking about topics like how they get to school and things they like to do at the beach. Your child will learn to read words with the short “u” sound, like cup, hug and sun.

4 Lessons

Unit 6- Silly Billy

This unit’s story, "Silly Billy", introduces your child to new words describing the rooms in a house. They will practice talking about clothes, weather, playing with friends at school, and animals. They’ll also learn more about adjectives and opposites. Your child will learn to read words with the short “o” sound, for example, dog, hop, pot, and box.

4 Lessons

Unit 7- Anne and the Caterpillar

In this unit, your child will read "Anne and the Caterpillar", a story that teaches the importance of safety and health and they will learn words related to both of these topics. Your child will learn to read words ending with ‘all’ and ‘ell’ (like ball and bell) and they’ll work with the hard “g” and soft “g”, as well as the hard “c” and soft “c”, using words like girl, giraffe, candy and circle.

4 Lessons

Unit 8- Seatown

The last story in this unit, "Seatown", brings together everything your child has learned in this course! At the end of this level, your child will be able to use all their new words, identify the 26 letters of the alphabet and their sounds, and read short stories in English.

The A Team

The best way to learn an authentic accent is by talking to a native speaker. Our teachers grew up speaking English, so your child will hear how real English speakers talk — and try it out for themselves.

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