English for kids - Level 1

This course is for children with little to no understanding or conversational skills in English.

We use the power of stories to teach young children the foundations of the English language. This class will teach children words and language structures about themselves, their emotions, their family and homes, using eight different stories as well as games, conversations, and songs.
By the end of this course, your child will recognize the letters and sounds of the alphabet, enhance their vocabulary and be able to express their feelings in English.


Children love stories. A good story engages children’s imagination, helping them learn new vocabulary and understand the language constructs in a natural, fun way. That’s why each of our courses is built around a series of eight stories - four classes to a story.
4 Lessons

Unit 1- Help Your Friends

In their very first set of lessons, your child will begin learning the basics. They’ll learn how to introduce themselves in English and learn new vocabulary and language structures through conversations, songs, games and their first English story. The story of this unit is "Help Your Friends", which teaches kids colors and numbers in English.

4 Lessons

Unit 2- Five Little Monkeys

In our second unit, your child will learn the English words they’ll need to talk about their families. They’ll learn this new vocabulary through this unit’s story: "Five Little Monkeys". Your child will also learn more about the letters L and V.

4 Lessons

Unit 3- The Happy Treehouse

Our third set of lessons teaches your child about the home. The story "The Happy Treehouse" teaches new vocabulary and language structures related to parts of a house. They’ll also learn how to describe their emotions. In addition, your child will learn about the letters I, W, X, and Y.

4 Lessons

Unit 4 - Grib and His Frog Family

In our fourth unit, your child will use the story "Grib and His Frog Family" to learn words and language structures about growing up. They’ll also use some of the vocabulary they learned earlier in the course, specifically words related to family and colors. They’ll learn more about the letters Z, K, O and C.

4 Lessons

Unit 5- My Magic Room

Now that your child has learned so many new words, they’re ready for a new story that will make use of some of their new vocabulary. "My Magic Room" encourages your child’s imagination and creativity as they revisit house-related words and learn about words related to clothing. Your child will also learn about the letters D, A, Q and P.

4 Lessons

Unit 6- The Wind and the Sun

Unit 6 introduces your child to words related to clothing, weather, and the seasons, through the story "The Wind and the Sun". This unit also includes songs, games, and other activities related to the weather. Your child will learn more about the letters B, E, F and T.

4 Lessons

Unit 7- Jamal’s Birthday

This unit is all about feelings. Your child will learn more words related to emotions and words about transportation through "Jamal’s Birthday", a story that teaches the importance of family values. They’ll use the English skills they have acquired to explain – in English – what they see in the book and how the main character, Jamal, feels. Your child will also learn about the letters G, J, H and N.

4 Lessons

Unit 8- Together is Better

Reaching the end of our beginner’s course, we will use the story "Together is Better" to review the lessons your child learned in the previous units. This story reunites your child with their friends from all the stories throughout the course and asks them to remember and use the words and grammar they have learned so far.

The A Team

The best way to learn an authentic accent is by talking to a native speaker. Our teachers grew up speaking English, so your child will hear how real English speakers talk — and try it out for themselves.

Meet Max the Puppet

Young children are often shy or nervous when it comes to speaking in front of their teacher. To make your child comfortable and encourage them to participate, we will introduce them to our classroom friend: Max the Puppet. Speaking to Max, comes easily to kids; they laugh at his jokes, answer his questions and share their thoughts with him. With our classroom friend Max, kids find themselves opening up to English easily.

Max the puppet

Network Safety

At Langaroo we comply with COPPA (the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). As a parent you can manage the settings of your child’s learning environment, deciding what they can see and share while studying.